Commonly used in the automotive industry and widely throughout the manufacturing industry, the SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) robot excels at “pick and place” operations, as it mimics the movement of a human arm.  Fastcorp's DIVI robot is designed using SCARA principles and combines powerful vacuum capabilities to deliver the same pick and place action.  

With full range of motion on its X-axis, while bolted into place on the Y-axis, our DIVI robot delivers fantastic range of motion, speed and precision to deliver just about any product that can fit through the shoot. 

Housed on the underside of the roof of the machine, the DIVI robot is located in the perfect position to enable it to “pick” from any destination within the freezer, refrigerator or ambient box below, making the most out of the space provided for your product.

Additional benefits and features:

  • Simple programing
  • Minimal number of parts and motors compared to conventional vending machines
  • Picks and delivers all shapes and sizes
  • Powerful vacuum pick up – up to 4 pounds
  • Robotic entertainment captures impulse sales


touchscreen40User Interface Options

42” Touch Screen – This powerful option provides a sleek and impressive transaction experience with the ability to discover and purchase product while viewing exciting video or advertising content.  Fully integrated into the DIVI Automated Merchandiser, the 42” touch screen can provide search assistance such as grouping like products together motivating increased sales, provide nutritional or specific product information, has the ability to sell multiple products in one transaction and more.  

10” Touch Screen – Provide your customer with the same functionality of the 42” touch screen at a minimized cost while gaining access to the DIVI viewing window. 

7” Non-integrated Screen – If your customer needs help choosing which product is right for them, such as specific model numbers, equip your DIVI Automated Merchandiser with software to help make an accurate choice.

Wi-fi Capable Media Player - Easily program the chic 22-inch screen to display product and pricing and react quickly when adjustments are needed.  Want to run video content, display pertinent information to your users or run advertising content?  You determine what’s best for your business and we provide the ability to achieve your goals. 

Cashless payment systems – including Apple Pay and Google Pay are all accepted modes of payment platforms that can be incorporated into your DIVI Automated Merchandiser.