Vending for your Regulated Products

Robotic Storefronts to help grow your regulated retail business.

Boosting Your Regulated Products Business with a Robotic Cannabis Vending Machine

As more states legalize regulated products, such as CBD, THC and recreational marijuana, retailers are constantly searching for channels to sell their goods.  Unattended Retail is a great choice, as technology now exists to electronically verify age. Or placed inside a dispensary where age has already been verified, unattended retail can ease the burden on busy bud tenders. 

The DIVI and SAMI machines can be specially optimized for your product dimensions.  Stackable storage gives you more room for inventory than archaic spiral vending machines, let alone a contemporary end user experience any insightful customer has come to expect.

Sophisticated, robotic retailing
for regulated products dispensaries of the future

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$4.4 Billion

Retail sales for recreational marijuana grew to $4.4 billion in 2018


$7 billion

Vending machines average $7 billion annually in sales.

Million Cannabis Users

That’s how many Americans claim they use or have used marijuana.

Grow Your Cannabis Business

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DIVI & SAMI Cannabis Vending Machine Solutions & Robotic Storefronts

  • Branded Storefronts

  • Temperature-Controlled Inventory

  • Stackable Storage

  • Robotic Arm Dispensing Technology

Passive Income

Cannabis vending machines allow you to collect additional income from your cannabis dispensary without additional staff members or longer working hours. Simply set up your vending machine with your cannabis or CBD products and let the DIVI robotic arm do all the work for you!

Consistent Branding

With more regulated products dispensaries popping up every day, consistent branding is more important than ever for building your fan base. With our robotic storefronts, your cannabis and CBD products will contain all of your company’s unique branding in one sleek, sophisticated, and futuristic robotic retail solution.

Consumer Loyalty

DIVI vending machines allow you to bring sophisticated, convenient robotic retailing to your customers, giving them access to your products at any time. Grow your consumer loyalty by using a cannabis vending machine to expand your reach and enhance your customer experience.

Easy Maintenance

Our robotic storefronts require little maintenance on your part. Temperature control makes product storage worry-free and secure. Stay connected with automated reports on your inventory. Configure your vending machine for maximum storage space and fewer restocking trips.

Growing Your Regulated Products Company with DIVI Robotic Vending Machines

Whether you’re licensed to sell marijuana, CBD, or are interested in adding cannabis products to your vending machine business, DIVI robotic storefronts are the best way to increase profits, access more customers, and advertise for your dispensary.

Customizable configuration and stackable storage provide ample inventory space for all your products, and branded displays give your cannabis vending machines a look and feel that’s uniquely you.

Discover your dispensary’s true potential with a DIVI vending machine for your cannabis products.

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