About Us

Fastcorp Vending LLC

For almost two decades, Fastcorp has been an industry leader in robotic retail and vending technology, offering a versatile and efficient platform to vend almost anything. When Munroe Chirnomas founded Fastcorp in 1990, his vision was ahead of his time; to vend cigars. The market didn’t command the contemporary user experience or the same quick access to consumer goods as today, so we focused much of our efforts on reliability, efficiency and adding value to the market that needed it most. We quickly became the world leader in frozen vending machine sales due to our product storage and delivery platform. Our machines can be found nation-wide and in over 50 different countries.

Today our vision remains consistent with that of the founder’s. The retail marketplace is changing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. Brick and mortar is evolving, as are consumers expectations. Our mission remains the same. To produce the most efficient, reliable machines that retail just about any product you can dream of and the opportunity for consumers to feel the future, not the past, when purchasing robotically.

Our Team

The Best & Brightest

Brian Weinstein


Colleen Morris

Vice President

Peter Ricci

Business Development Manager

Associates & Staff

 John Stolz
Technical Support Manager

Rachel Hebert

Mike Swerling

Dana Newman
Assembly Lead

Raymond Smith

Daniel Proper
Shipping & Receiving

Michael Runkle