Organic dog treats, women’s slippers, personal pizzas, fitness equipment — there are certain things we assume can’t be found in a vending machine. But Fastcorp is changing the way consumers think about vending machine purchases with its line of Dream It, Vend It (DIVI) products, capable of vending virtually anything.

Gone are the days of stuck packages and expired-looking goods. When you contact Fastcorp, you can see the DIVI difference for yourself and start reaping the benefits of our state-of-the-art technology today.

How It Works

DIVI vending machines are equipped with incredible technology that makes them stand out from the competition. The sleek, modern design is completely customizable, so your product will not only be aesthetically appealing, but will seamlessly include relevant marketing materials for your brand. Moreover, the modernized payment pad allows customers to purchase goods with Apple Pay, credit card, and other non-cash methods for people who are constantly cash-free and on-the-go. Offering your customers more flexible payment methods increases the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase from your brand.

The proprietary robotic delivery system ensures that no purchase ever gets stuck on its way to the consumer. No more rocking the vending machine to get your M&Ms — just let the robotic arm grab your goods so you can get going. The built-in inventory management system allows you to monitor inventory off-site while also tracking revenue. Make your life easier with a Fastcorp DIVI vending machine by sending us an inquiry today.

Vending for Every Situation

Fastcorp offers vending machines for virtually any product in almost any situation.

Cool Vending

Our cool vending machines are equipped with special technology that maintains a constant temperature ranging from 40 degrees to -40 degrees. There are no defrost cycles, allowing products to stay fresher for longer without incurring damage. It even has a power-loss holding time of over 12 hours, so your products will stay intact even in the event of inclement weather or power outage.

Hot Vending

Your dream is our command: We now offer vending machines with built-in microwave kiosks. Give your customers access to foods and beverages they never had before. Of particular note is our Freedom Pizza kiosk, which offers frozen personal pizzas that can be heated up in the built-in DIVI tech microwave. With this functionality, the vending possibilities are endless.

Ambient Vending

Want a way to make your vending machine experience more targeted and engaging? Our ambient vending machines do just that, selling only products that appeal to your chosen consumer base. For example, our line of Fit Stop machines contains everything for the active individual: energy drinks, protein bars, and even Advil. Our ambient machines can also integrate video and other digital marketing materials to give your vending experience an added layer of sophistication you won’t find anywhere else.

Vend Your Way Every Day

From hot meals to bowling balls, whatever you decide to place in your DIVI vending machine is up to you. Find out how Fastcorp’s line of state-of-the-art robotic vending machines can help increase your revenue by contacting us today. Give your business the boost it deserves with the robotic retailing capabilities offered by DIVI vending machines.