Efficient & Reliable Chest Freezer Design

Frozen Application

  •   Save your customers hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs vs. comparable refrigerated       & frozen spiral vendors
  •   Minimal maintenance required easy cleaning
  •    Power loss holding time 12+ hours
  •    Minimal temperature loss during loading
  •    No defrost cycles that could damage frozen product
  •    Maintains constant 10° to -20° F
  •    Maintains product integrity & exponentially increases shelf life
  •    Quick/easy loading bin system accommodates FIFO inventory (first-in/ first-out)
  •    Environmentally friendly refrigerant – R134a
  •    Freezer thermostat independent of machine computer board

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    Refrigerated Application

    •   Same chest freezer design as our frozen machines
    •   Highest Energy efficiency of any refrigerated machine
    •   Adjustable digital temperature control.
    •   Same quick/easy loading bin system as our frozen machines

    View Full Evolution Specifications Sheet


    FastCorp LLC knows that trying to refrigerate and insulate an entire vending machine cabinet will never be as efficient as a chest freezer. FastCorp has understood this simple fact and has implemented the internal chest-freezer design in every one of its refrigerated vending machines.

    Evolution frozen and refrigerated vending machines even outperform energy-star rated beverage machines, utilizing approximately half the energy consumption. Chest freezers keep their cold air inside the chest even with the lid open. This is possible because cold air sinks and is heavier than warmer air, a phenomenon easily observed in open top freezer chests common to grocery stores. Other competitive designs lose all of their cold air as soon as the door is opened for refilling or servicing. In addition, chest freezers do not have defrost cycles. Lesser vending technologies require numerous defrost cycles each day in order to function properly. Defrost cycles can damage frozen product, especially ice cream. It’s no wonder that all of the major ice cream brand manufacturers use FastCorp’s frozen vendors and vending machine refrigeration technology exclusively for their branded machine vending programs.

    FastCorp has capitalized and leveraged the same energy-efficient chest freezer technology for its refrigerated food, beverage and confectionery vendors.