Industrial and Medical Applications

    • Inventory management
    • Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
    • Chemical
    • Consumables

    New Food Applications

    • Brand/product roll out initiatives
    • Multi-pack and over sized packaging applications
    • Special temperature requirements

    Retail Goods and Promotional

    • Consumer sampling
    • Redemption prizes
    • Electronics
    • Cosmetics
    • Sundries
    • Garment
    • Specialty
    • Pet products
    • Live bait, goldfish, crickets (see our bait vendors)


FastCorp LLC Frozen Vending Technology and other Robotic Vending Applications have been utilized in a wide variety of fields, setting the bar for automation efficiency and quality. Used for decades in automotive assembly plants, robots offer a versatility and efficiency that we can no longer live without. While FastCorp has been the world-wide leader in promoting and perfecting this technology, the rest of the vending industry is just catching up! FastCorp continues to develop its non-frozen line of products for the vending industry and vertical markets. Vacuum suction is only one means by which products or inventory can be dispensed. FastCorp’s leading designers are innovators in the field, and are more than able to adapt the technology to suit your company’s specific applications. Special projects and opportunities are welcome. Contact FastCorp if you have any special or innovative applications for their robotics. FastCorp is able and willing to meet the challenge, and is confident that it can bring you the results you want quickly and efficiently.

Industrial and medical applications include but are not limited to hardware, chemicals, consumables and pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

Retail goods and promotional applications include but are not limited to: consumer sampling, redemption prizes, electronics, cosmetics, garment, sundries, specialty, pet products and live products.

Food applications include but are not limited to: brand and product roll outs, over sized packaging, products with special temperature considerations.