General Capabilities


  • Durable heavy steel construction
  • ETL listed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Selection display capabilities of 12 or 20 products.
  • MDB compliant
  • DEX audit functions
  • Flash memory card port (software upgrades and save programming data)
  • Card reader and cashless system compatible
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Menu-driven programming
  • Integrated diagnostics on VMC
  • Guaranteed product delivery
  • Over-sized product delivery chute – handles very large package sizes
  • Custom branding
  • LED lighting options


FastCorp Frozen Vending Machines like the state-of-the-art Evolution, along with a line of non-frozen machines and robotic technologies, offer businesses nearly unlimited potentiality. Quality and innovation permeate every aspect of our business, from research and development to design and manufacturing. Read the bullets above to learn more about Evolution Frozen Vending Machine features and capabilities. 

The Evolution Ice Cream Vending Machine utilizes durable heavy steel construction that allows it to withstand both indoor and outdoor placement conditions.  Its interior and exterior surface areas allow for dramatic and eye-catching branding options that showcase the novel robotics inside.  Even when the Evolution is placed between machines in a vending bank, inside graphics are visible from any front angle through the large window, which helps to promote impulse sales.

The Evolution has DEX audit capabilities and is MDB compatible, allowing for simple integration of other MDB devices such as coin and bill acceptors, card readers, remote monitoring devices and a host of other peripherals.  The new vending machine controller (VMC) is designed with a flash memory card port that allows the latest firmware to be uploaded as well as ability to download machine settings and configuration information.  Users can now flash-program all machines in an entire fleet quickly and easily, saving labor, time and money.  Finally, the Evolution’s renowned menu-driven programming format has been made even simpler by allowing the user to manually and intuitively move the robot in order to quickly save product locations and coordinates for each vend item.