• Utilizes simple and efficient state-of-the-art robotics and refrigerated chest design
  • Eliminates the need to reconfigure and couple spirals and motors found in other technologies
  • Superior plan-o-gram flexibility especially with larger package sizes
  • Fewer parts than complicated glass front spiral machines
  • No argon glass front
  • Maintains cold air even when door is opened
  • No product shock or defrost cycles
  • Soft-drop feature protects product damage while dispensing
  • Quick FIFO (first-in/first-out) bin loading inventory system
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency
  • Remote monitoring capabilities

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If your customers demand fresh food service, then Fastcorp LLC has a new line of refrigerated vendors for your offering. Re-applying the heralded vacuum robot and freezer chest design to fresh food vending, Fastcorp’s refrigerated vendors offer the same versatility, reliability and energy efficient performance as our Evolution frozen machines. With new cutting-edge robotics, highly integrated controller system, and an aesthetic sure to catch the eye, Fastcorp is proud to say that the Evolution sets a new standard in fresh food vending.
Operators have been successfully leveraging Evolution frozen food and ice cream vendors as a competitive tool to win bids and gain new accounts. Fastcorp adds this new fresh food format to the arsenal to help you become even more competitive without compromising operating efficiency. Complete your Fastcorp food offering to include fresh as well as beverage, snack or a combination of each, all from the same machine!