FastCorp LLC has a new line of refrigerated and snack vending machines.  Re-applying the heralded vacuum robot & freezer chest design, FastCorp’s refrigerated vendors offer the same versatility, reliability and energy-efficient performance as our Evolution frozen machines. With new cutting-edge robotics, highly integrated controller system, and an aesthetic sure to catch the eye, FastcCorp is proud to say that the _______ combo refrigerated and snack vending machine sets a new standard in combo food, snack and beverage vending.

Operators have been successfully leveraging Evolution frozen food and ice cream vendors as a competitive tool to win bids and gain new accounts.  FastCorp’s combo refrigerated vendors round out the arsenal with state-of-the art technology & unsurpassed energy efficiency that are sure to please your accounts.  Complete your FastCorp vend offering.  See our line beverage, fresh food, snack or combo vendors today.