There are several advantages to FastCorp's unmatched vending machine design. We were recently featured in Popular Mechanics where journalist Kevin Dupzyk breaks down one of our vending machine models.

"Traditional vending machines—the ones with metal coils—don’t actually hold much food. The coils space out the goods so much that any given row has a fairly low Cheeto-to-air ratio. This is just one prob - lem these machines create. To vend cold food, the air has to be refriger - ated, which is expensive. Snacks on the top row fall so far that anything breakable is toast. All of this explains why, in 1980, Fastcorp released an alternative vending mechanism that uses a vacuum to delicately dispense goods that have been stacked directly on top of each other. Ninety-nine percent of these machines are equipped with a freezer, but the system can handle just about anything. (Seriously. See “Things You Might Find in a Fastcorp Evolution Vending Machine,” below)."

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