Multi Brand


Cream Rebate Program

  • Features the Evolution Cafe2Go combo food and ice cream vendor
  • $800 total food and ice cream product rebates per machine
  • $350 Blue Bunny manufacturer product rebates
  • $200 Windsor Foods manufacturer product rebates
  • $200 Lettieri’s manufacturer product rebates
  • $50 Whitecastle manufacturer product rebates
  • $100 total payment system rebates per machine
  • $50 MEI payment system manufacturer rebate
  • $50 InOne remote monitoring system manufacturer rebate
  • The perfect competitive tool to win bids and gain new accounts
  • The most reliable food machine
  • Helps optimizes route efficiency, and eliminates stales, labor and fuel costs associated with traditional refrigerated food machines
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency – helps negotiate $0 or lower commission rates

FastCorp LLC has partnered with premiere frozen food brands, ice cream brands and equipment manufacturers like Blue Bunny, Schwan’s, Windsor Foods, Whitecastle and more to offer a value-added generic frozen food and ice cream program. The leading combination food and ice cream vending machines from FastCorp will provide you with manufacturer’s rebate incentives totaling $800 for operators using Evolution Cafe2Go combo vendor. They are convinced that once your customers give their products a try, they will keep coming back for more!  As an added bonus, MEI offers a $50 payment system rebate and InOne/Arrow provides a $50 remote monitoring system rebate.

By leveraging FastCorp’s state-of-the-art Evolution combination food and ice cream vending machines operators can easily stand out from the competition; the advantages don’t end there.  FastCorp’s proven frozen vending format helps optimization routes by eliminating stale product and waste, along with the fuel and labor costs associated with traditional, antiquated refrigerated machines. Finally, drive efficiency through the roof by implementing InOne/Arrow remote monitoring systems.  Get real-time sales and status updates on each Evolution vendor via web interface and text alerts to help you closely manage your business and optimize sales.